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My Personal Fitness Project: Month 1

I have some very interesting numbers and observations to share with you.

Here they are:


  • Weight: 248.5 lbs. (3% decrease)
  • Body Fat: 27.3%   (6% decrease)
  • Stand Heart Rt: 49 bpm
Size Measurements (inches)

  • Biceps: 14.25 Left 14 Right  (10% avg. decrease)
  • Chest: 43 (26% decrease!)
  • Stomach: 39 (12% decrease)
  • Waist: 40 (5% decrease)
  • Thigh: 26 Left 27 Right (11% avg. decrease)

Total Inches: 203.25 (13.8% decrease)


  • Pullups/Min: 6 (100% increase)
  • Pushups/Min: 45 (29% increase)
  • Situps/Min: 27 (29% increase)

Total Avg Increase: 53%  (number skewed see pullups/min)


  • 1 Mile: 11m19s (10% decrease)
  • Avg Heart Rt: 144 bpm

  • Fingers to Toes Stretch: One inch over feet

You can view my initial numbers for comparison here.

Initial Reactions

In starting this project, I only wanted to make progress.  I chose one month as my benchmark because I wanted any results achieved to be clear.  I figured, if I didn’t get results in one month, I was not doing anything worthwhile.  My suspicions were correct.  I did in fact make progress.

Gym Attendance

My gym attendance was not perfect.  I planned to attend six days per week for four weeks, that’s 24 days total within the 28 day period.  I actually attended 19 times according to my records.  This means that I had an 80% attendance record.  The last week, I missed three days, due to excessive muscle strain (I discovered that I’m not superman…).

Eating Habits

I had a 99% success rate on my eating habits.  71 out of my 72 healthy meals followed the diet that I outlined here.  14% of my time was spent eating complete junk.  Let me explain.  4 days were reserved for eating whatever I wanted, in however many quantities I wanted.  I had a lot of fun with that!  During one meal, I ate an entire medium deep dish pizza.  During another, I devoured 3 ginormous homemade pancakes.  It didn’t stop there. I had biscuits, apple pie, burgers!  It was an event each time!

Other Observations

Generally, my mood, energy levels and focus increased, from day to day.  This week in particular, because I missed 3 days of working out, I noticed more fatigue and tiredness in my body than usual.  This is more a testament to the importance of maintaining progress in the right direction.

Tweaks, Changes, Improvement Areas

I did not do a very good job of planning my meals.  When I did not plan my meals very well, I saw drops in energy because my body did not have the proper fuel.  I missed a few breakfasts and dinners, because of poor planning and a busy work schedule.   I will put more emphasis on this in the coming weeks.

I did a good job of not feeling guilty if I missed a work out.  I focused on what could be done in the moment to help my situation.  I’m not perfect, and perfect is (luckily) not a requirement for this to work.

My Fun Food Day is on Saturday, but they have started to leave me down for the count on Sunday.  I’m tired.  I can’t focus and I have minor headaches.  The massive calorie, carbohydrate, and sugar intake spike probably sends my body into shock.  I may start to tone it down (I can’t eat as much as I used to).  I will also move the start time to Friday evening, this way the 24 hour period ends earlier, which gives me more of a recovery time.  My Sunday workouts will now be first thing in the morning to stave off the energy droughts.

Lessons Learned

1)  You don’t have to be perfect
In school, if you got 80% of the questions right on a test, that would be a borderline C+.  That’s considered slightly above average, but not exactly anything to write home about.  I successfully made it to the gym only 80% of the time I had planned, and still achieved measurable results.  Perfection is not required to succeed.  Progress and consistent action over time is.

2)  Believe in Yourself and Be Patient
This might seem a bit melodramatic, but hear me out on this one.  I told lots of people about my little diet plan, and I heard all kinds of things.  “You are going to do what on Saturday?  That’s going to undo all the work you put in during the week!”  or “Eating after a certain time is not good for you!”

If the person wasn’t walking around with washboard six-pack abs, I didn’t listen to them.  Could I have gotten more dramatic results? Sure.  Was I perfect? No.  But, I made considerable, measurable progress by focusing on action and also having fun.  Things take time and I have to be patient.  I could have easily panicked the moment someone disagreed with my plan and changed it.  That would do nothing but confuse my objective and create conflict in my own heart.

3)  Don’t stop
Some days I didn’t go to the gym because I was simply tired.  Other days, I was tired and I still went.  If I skipped one day, I made a commitment to go the next day.  I tried very hard, not to missed two days in a row.  And even if I did, it wasn’t too late to get back on schedule.  I have to keep moving in the right direction for this to work.  If I quit, I won’t get what I want.  It’s that simple.

4) Hold Yourself Accountable
I wrote in my last fitness post that I would report to you guys the week of the 24th.  I had to keep my promise.  I didn’t want to look like a fool.  This kept me focused, honest, and consistent.  I would look like a joke if I didn’t deliver results.  So I had to if I wanted to walk around with my head held high.

My next report will be the week of February 27th, 2011.

Thank you for reading.  If you enjoyed this post and want to keep up with how my project is going, please subscribe via Email or RSS.


5 Responses to “My Personal Fitness Project: Month 1”
  1. Melissa says:


    I really admire how methodical you are in approaching this fitness challenges. My favorite part of this post was the “Lessons Learned” section. I was told that in order to be successful in law school I had to study 12 hours each weekday, and 6 hours per weekend day. However great this may sound, I quickly became discouraged and frustrated with myself for not achieving this goal consistently. Instead of reveling in the fact that I was studying 8-10 hours a day on weekends, I was disappointed and unhappy with myself for failing to reach this ideal goal that someone else created for me.

    One of my goals this semester is to create daily goals which are realistic, healthy, and progressive–and to NOT degrade what I have done by focusing on everything that I did not do.

    Thanks for sharing your story and approach. But most of all, congrats for both your fitness growth and your excellent attitude towards your shortfalls.



    • kobyackie says:

      Figuring out a plan that works for you is much more important that adhering to someone else’s. It was part of what I was looking for in my own weight loss plan.

  2. Csbjork says:

    Well done, sir! Those are great results for one month of work. I think you are probably right to do the fitness plan that works for YOU, regardless of other people say about your Saturday ‘free’ day. I also think, as you are already beginning to find, that as time goes on, you will find it more and more difficult to eat some of the things you eat on Saturdays (ie stomach size will shrink and your body will become used to the other proteins and veggies that you consume the other days of the week, and it will be quite a surprise to your body to consume something different).

    Props on the meal planning…that (in addition to just sticking with the plan) is arguably the toughest part of the process. Also big-time congrats on pulling all of this off over the holidays…you’re off to an awesome start!

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