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How to Drive to Any Destination

by on December 21, 2010
in Health, Musings, Relationships, Self, Spirituality, Work

1. Start driving in that direction
Just go. You don’t have to know the entire route, sometimes you’ll find clues along the way. That’s what stopping at gas stations is for. :-)

2. Ask for help
There are two ways to do this: call someone you know who has been there, or stop at a gas station (preferably nearby) and ask for directions.

3. Plan
Sometimes you can find a map.   It may be a good one, but if it sucks, make extra time for detours, dead ends, huge potholes, and maybe a couple of flat tires. Oh, and make scheduled stops for gas!

4. Be Flexible
Remember those detours I talked about earlier?  What about that crappy map?  Sometimes you might have to go a different route in order to get there.  You might even feel lost!  There are many roads that lead to the same place.  Trust that you are going in the right direction and look for signs, and landmarks to show you where you are.

5. Avoid Distractions, Detractors, and Accidents
Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t go! It’s your car, not theirs! Also, stopping at every tourist attraction on the way will increase the time it takes to get there. I know those billboard advertisements are awesome!! But, keep in mind that you are trying to get somewhere!  Know that you are going to get there.  Practice safety and believe in your ability to prevent accidents.  Watch the other drivers closely, their carelessness might keep you from getting to your destination.  Nobody likes car accidents.

6. Exercise Discipline
Don’t drink and drive! It will blur your vision. If you get tired, stop for a break, and when you regain your strength get back onto the road. And if Vegas is not on the agenda, just don’t go!

7. Review
Measure and look at your progress over time. Are you making good time? Pat yourself on the back. Have you gone astray? Look for ways to get back on route, and then repeat items 1-6.

8. Celebrate
Eventually (in a longer time frame than what you expect), you will get there. And when you do, party like you did in 1999 (with the friends you meet at the destination)! If you didn’t do a good job of partying back then, let them show you how it’s done!

These steps can apply to just about any journey. Remember, they are only effective once you have decided where you want to go and have committed yourself to the trip.

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2 Responses to “How to Drive to Any Destination”
  1. Csbjork says:

    Step 0: Choose Your Destination.
    You can go anywhere that you want to go. Don’t just go somewhere because everyone else is going there. Choose a destination that excites and challenges you.

    Step 0.5: Drive, Don’t Fly
    Although flying may be a thrill and may get you there quicker, you miss a lot along the way. A journey actually is less about the beginning and the end, and more about the middle. What do you see and who do you meet along the way? How do these adventures shape who you are? You never want to arrive at Point B as the same person who left Point A. If you did, then you didn’t go anywhere. Grow as you go.


    PS Walk instead of drive?

    • kobyackie says:

      The problem with flying is that, while you can look out the window, everything looks so small from up above, and you miss out on so much!

      I’m a huge fan of walking! I think it depends on the particular trip. You have to weigh efficiency against the presumed experience.

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