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A Window into Your Soul

by on December 13, 2010
in Health, Musings, Self, Spirituality

Raise your hand and look at it.  Twist it.  Move your fingers about.  Now, put your hand back where it was.

How did you do that?  No, seriously.  How did you move your hand from where it was, make a series of complex movements, and return it as though nothing had happened?

A scientist would tell you that your brain sent a message through your central nervous system to the muscles in your hand, which caused your hand to move.  This may be an oversimplification, but consider this: what caused your brain to send the message in the first place?

How did you move your hand?

Decision’s Anchor

Some people call it the will; others call it the soul or the spirit.  I’ve heard it referred to as the deeper or higher self.  However you wish to describe it, whatever you choose to call it, you know what it is that I am talking about, because you feel it.  It is you and who you are, deeper than flesh, deeper than bone, deeper than the cells that compose your body.

This thing that is intrinsically a part of you is the seat of both desire and decision.  It is the medium through which we feel emotion.  It gives us the capability to make sacrifices, indulgences, and simply experience life.  It is the house in which consciousness resides.

My Point

Why is it that some people are able to rise out of the depths of poverty, abuse, and psychological oppression only the flourish in the riches of higher society, seemingly unscathed, and happy?  How is it that some people can survive war, genocide, and similar near-death experiences only to retell the tale decades later, thankful for having had the experience?  By that same token, how does a kid, born into opulence, fall from grace, confused, depressed, and ready to take his life?

It happens in the same fashion and through the same medium you used to simply examine your hand.  The choices you make and actions that you take are the functions of the will.  This has been the case since the day you were born.

The Will to Act

It is a well known fact that action is the means to change and accomplishment.  You cannot turn on the light in a room without flipping the control switch.  To become and stay fit, you must diet and exercise.  To grow money, you must work, save, and invest.

Action is not a new concept.  We know that it is required if we are to secure our goals and dreams.

So, what about that last twenty pounds that you wanted to lose?  Or the garage that you wanted to clean out? Or that car you wanted to restore?  That thing you’ve been meaning to do, but you haven’t got around to doing?  Has its priority left you?

You know what you have to do to get it done.  Why is it not done already? And why are you not working on it?

Have you examined whether or not you have the will to get it done?  Have you examined your will at all? Have you lost it?  If so, can you find it?

May the Force Be with You

Your will has immense power.  It has deep reservoirs of energy, which it uses to control or fuel the emotions, and execute our decisions.  Do not ignore it.  Care for it.  Cultivate it. Grow it.  Fight for it!  Train it to do the things that (will) create the things or experiences that (will) make you happy.

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